America’s Secret Recipes

I always wanted to improve my cooking despite the fact that I am very bad at it, and nothing seems to come out well out of my hands. But I still got my hope and decided to start looking for some good recipes (what I mean by this is something that tastes good even with my clumsy skills). And I think I might have found it.

I absolutely love restaurant food and the spices they use to make it so much different from what we make at home. I always wondered what made it so delicious despite the fact that we use the seemingly same ingredients at home, with worse results.

Then I found a recipe book written by Ron Douglas, named (conveniently) “America’s Secret Recipes”, that advertised the fact that the book held restaurant secrets and recipes that the billion dollar companies like KFC, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster and many others are trying to keep away from the public. Who doesn’t want to learn how to cook up a Pizza Hut house special huh? Yes, the book has it’s share of Pizza Recipes and deserts! Yeah, actually I always wanted to know how they make those exceptionally tasty Tiramisu cakes. I always had it in for those.

The book also tries to make use of easy recipes in a sense of presenting the recipes by their signature companies, for example if you’re looking for KFC specials, you will find them all in one spot so you don’t need to read every recipe in the book to actually find what you’re looking for.

Overall, the book is worth that special price tag I got it for, especially if you get it while that special offer with the second volume is still there. You practically get two good books for a very low price tag. As Ron said, you spend a lot of money eating out, money you could use somewhere you really need it, while making great meals for your family and receiving great compliments for your cooking.