America’s Secret Recipes

I always wanted to improve my cooking despite the fact that I am very bad at it, and nothing seems to come out well out of my hands. But I still got my hope and decided to start looking for some good recipes (what I mean by this is something that tastes good even with my clumsy skills). And I think I might have found it.

I absolutely love restaurant food and the spices they use to make it so much different from what we make at home. I always wondered what made it so delicious despite the fact that we use the seemingly same ingredients at home, with worse results.

Then I found a recipe book written by Ron Douglas, named (conveniently) “America’s Secret Recipes”, that advertised the fact that the book held restaurant secrets and recipes that the billion dollar companies like KFC, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster and many others are trying to keep away from the public. Who doesn’t want to learn how to cook up a Pizza Hut house special huh? Yes, the book has it’s share of Pizza Recipes and deserts! Yeah, actually I always wanted to know how they make those exceptionally tasty Tiramisu cakes. I always had it in for those.

The book also tries to make use of easy recipes in a sense of presenting the recipes by their signature companies, for example if you’re looking for KFC specials, you will find them all in one spot so you don’t need to read every recipe in the book to actually find what you’re looking for.

Overall, the book is worth that special price tag I got it for, especially if you get it while that special offer with the second volume is still there. You practically get two good books for a very low price tag. As Ron said, you spend a lot of money eating out, money you could use somewhere you really need it, while making great meals for your family and receiving great compliments for your cooking.

How To Create The Best Breakfasts

It can be tempting to make the family quick and fast breakfasts every morning. These could include opening a box and pouring the contents out, or popping some toast in a toaster. However breakfasts can be amazing, when some effort is put into it. There are many recipes that are designed to be fun, healthy and filling. A good amount of food in the morning will keep a child or an adult going for hours.

There are some quick ways to locate easy recipes. An online search may give people what they are after. Someone can print off the recipe or they can carry their laptop into the kitchen and follow it from in there. Many ingredients will be ones that are already present in the kitchen. If they are not, then they can be added to the grocery list.

Books and cooking magazines will also carry some great healthy recipes. These items may be found in book stores, libraries, and convenience stores. A magazine about food will offer some valuable points, tips and ideas for creating the perfect items for an early morning start. Pictures will be bright and easy to follow. A cook book will also offer a section that is dedicated to the creation of breakfast items.

Some meals will ask the cook to make it the night before. This is common with a lot of eggs recipes. The mixture would be made the night before and let to sit overnight in the fridge. Not only does this save time in the morning, but it also helps to intensify the mixture as it sits and settles over the evening. In the morning the tray or dish is simply added to the oven or a frying pan and cooked up.

There are many egg dishes that will call for ingredients that may already be in the kitchen. Often during the week, there are left over food dishes or supplies that were not eaten or used up. These extra and leftover items can actually be put into an omelet or another breakfast dish. These food items could include; mushrooms, grated cheese, peppers, onions and some vegetable mixes. An egg dish will be enhanced with some interesting additions.

When there is left over mashed potato or another mashed vegetable, these ingredients can be used to make some quick and easy dishes. By throwing in some hash browns and the mix of veggies, the entire mixture can be mashed up into a nice hash brown. The taste will be great and the meal filling for anyone who eats it.

A good and hearty breakfast meal could include one simple thing, like an omelet that is packed with yummy things, or it could be a few different dishes. Some people will serve homemade pancakes with bacon, sausages and ham. On the weekends it is common for many families to enjoy big breakfasts.

When breakfasts are needed for a family, there are ways to find them and make them a reality. The larger meals can be made on the weekends, while the quick and simple ones saved for during the busy week. Some meals can be made the night before and served or cooked the next morning. A weekly plan can be created to ensure that recipes are cooked and that there is a variety in morning meals and snacks.