How to Be A Good Cook

When you have already learned the basic science and art of cooking and you have mastered it fully well, there is no way you would not be able to learn its complexities. Becoming a good cook, or perhaps one of the best cooks your family will ever have takes as much practice as when you were just starting.

If you are trying your best on how to be a good cook, here are a few tips you can keep in mind.

Stick to the basic principles of cooking. You will learn from these as you go along trying on something else different or as you vary your cooking styles. Go from the simple to the more complex recipes. Learning how to be a good cook is a process, thus start from the very beginning.

You can then try to modify the easy recipes you have learned before. Say for instance, you can change your seasoning. Instead of the regular salt and monosodium glutamate, you may try a complete seasoning that will improve the meal’s taste. Or you may add in a new ingredient that you know could improve the food’s taste.

Consider cooking not only as a science but as an art. When you have applied some artistic touch to your cooking, like when you know perfectly what vegetables and ingredients add color to the food, or you know how to arrange food on a plate, this will encourage members of the family or relatives, especially kids to try eating the meal.

Always be well-informed and updated about the world of cooking. If there are new practices in cooking, always be on the go to try it. Watching TV shows about cooking and learning from other people will polish your skills as you go along. From new recipes that other people make, you can even create your own and try to make a twist that will make yours better, especially when you are planning to take it commercially. It takes a really genuine, excellent idea on how to be a good cook and make it in the competitive world of food business as well.

Do not attempt to cook when you are not in a good mood. A happy disposition is also an advantage when you want to be the best in the kitchen. It affects your patience and your focus on what you are doing. It has been a noticeable consequence that when cooking has been done in an awful mood, food tastes are in fact ruined.

Always be clean and orderly. Cleanliness and food arrangement matters a lot for a cook to be successful. Besides, good food also means uncontaminated and toxin-free. You would not want your cooked food to harm you or any of your family or other people as well.

It is better to choose organic-raised vegetables, meat and other ingredients, when you can. These provide better nourishment and more likely free from harmful chemicals or pesticides. Or better yet, you can have an organic garden or livestock of your own so you have your direct supply of vegetables, fruits or meat and even spices.

And more importantly, think of cooking not only as a routine chore in the house but as a very rewarding experience. When you condition your mind to be doing it because its something that your family will benefit from, then it would not be much of a weigh-down.

Anyone Can Be a Good Cook

When you are largely seen as a good cook, you hear all kinds of comments from people who don’t claim to have talent in this area. The biggest excuse that seems to come up is that they are just not a good cook. Maybe they claim that they can burn water, or that they just aren’t good at experimenting in the kitchen. The truth is that it’s not that hard to be a decent cook. Like most things, anyone can learn, if they put their mind to it. However, unlike other “hobbies”, cooking is a necessary part of everyday life. Everybody has to eat, so you might as well make it as pleasant an experience as possible. Below you will find some tips to turn you from a kitchen flop to a culinary star.

Use a Recipe

Don’t tell anyone else, but almost every good cook relies on a collection of cookbooks and favorite recipes. Even those cooks who have a signature dish probably picked it up from somebody else, or lifted it from a magazine or cookbook. There is absolutely no shame in using a recipe. It is just another tool in a good cook’s kitchen. No one would be embarrassed to admit that they had used a blender, would they? So, why balk at using a recipe? In fact, if you are less than confident in the kitchen, recipes are the absolute best way to improve your cooking ability. Someone else has already taken the time to test the compatibility of all the ingredients, as well as the preparation and cooking methods used. Take advantage of that to not only get better results, but also to save time. Once you get more familiar with cooking techniques, you’ll start to be more comfortable making substitutions and variations to your favorite dishes.

Practice Makes Perfect

As trite as this sounds, the good cooks that you know are probably the ones that do it a lot. Nothing can really substitute for practice. Anybody can make a frozen dinner; however, that won’t do you any good if your goal is to become a better cook. Besides, eating that type of prepared food is unhealthy, expensive and, frankly, boring. So what if your first few tries result in less than stellar results? Does the painter automatically turn out a masterpiece the first time he picks up a brush? Of course not! He perfects his craft over time, and so will you. Begin with simple recipes and practice, practice, practice.

Tools are Your Friends

Most people who don’t see themselves as exceptional cooks don’t pay a lot of attention to kitchen tools. However, a properly stocked kitchen will make learning to be a good cook much easier. A blender that works properly and nice sharp knives just make cooking more enjoyable. You should also invest in some other basic cooking helps, like a stand mixer. This is really an indispensable kitchen tool that you should use on a regular basis. If you do have kitchen tools, but rarely use them, pick some recipes that will allow you to learn your tools, and make the most of their abilities. While the tools don’t make the cook, they can certainly make your job easier.